collBusiness Lessons without College

Industries Where College is Irrelevant

To begin the discussion, we must first set the contrast. Industries with concrete knowledge requirements are the primary candidates for high paying jobs without college. While I’m using “concrete” in the philosophical sense, working with concrete in construction is one such job. It is a job where on-the-job-training (OJT) is sufficient if not more beneficial than a class-room lesson. Jobs in pluming, steel work, and welding are often used as examples.

Abstract Industries

The same cannot be said about industries where abstractions are key to success. The industry of business, which focuses on skill sets such as leadership, management, process improvement, etc. has limitations on how much you can learn hands-on. A process manager at a manufacturing plant or distribution center may perform adequately according to their job description, but the improvements will be limited and typically grounded in routine rather than principle, which is hardly any improvement at all.

College Isn’t Effective

In years past, I was an advocate for college for those going into an abstract field such as business. However, since I completed my degree, I’ve continued to read and the amount of knowledge I’ve learned from a few dozen books has been more beneficial than all of my college. My entire undergraduate degree culminated in knowing a hand-full of models such as the SWOT analysis. My MBA was a bit more productive as it had a specialty, but not much.



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Focused Efficiency

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